Colorado Outfitters Association

“Working together to protect, maintain and enhance the opportunity to hunt, fish and enjoy the Colorado outdoors.”

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How do I get started as an outfitter?

You will need to be licensed through the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory affairs as an oufitter. Depending on if you will be using Forest Service and/or Bureau of Land Management Land, you will also need permits through them. Contact the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) about registering as a licensed outfitter. Read the Colorado Statute in our Code of Ethics. For the DORA outfitter license, you will need:

  • to secure a $10,000 Surety Bond
  • first aid certification
  • liability insurance

(Only a few insurance companies across the US carry these types of insurance. So start with your insurance provider and they will give the names of companies in your area). Obtain necessary permits for National Forest (NF) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) if you will be outfitting in those areas. (Call those offices directly you can find the telephone numbers for those agencies on our website under "Hunting Resources").

Once you have your license, you may apply to jon the Colorado Outfitters Association- see "Join Us" for the applications and benefits. 

How do I find out if an outfitter is licensed?

How do I find out if the outfitter has the necessary Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or National Forest (NF) permits for the areas I will be hunting in?

  • Contact the Colorado BLM directly.
  • Contact the ranger district for the NF that you will be hunting in.
  • All of these numbers can be found on our website under "Hunting Resources".

What are basic things I need when I arrive in Colorado for a hunt?

  • A Colorado hunting license
  • Your actual hunter safety card (no copies, faxes are accepted). If you we born before January 1, 1949 you are not required to have a hunter safety card.
  • Except for archery hunters during bow season, you must wear 500 sq inches of blaze orange while hunting (a blaze orange hat and vest equal 500 sq inches).
  • See "Hunting Resources" for links to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, tourism info, highway conditions and more.