Colorado Outfitters Association

“Working together to protect, maintain and enhance the opportunity to hunt, fish and enjoy the Colorado outdoors.”

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Outfitter of the Year Ray David owner of Camp David Outfitting

 It is an honor to have been selected as Colorado Outfitters Association, “Outfitter of the Year’, The reason being is that code of ethics are set high and they only want the professionals that are willing to operate under these standards. We get some complaints every year and most are always from Non Members! Not all Outfitters are willing to step up to the plate and be a part of this elite group. The part I like is that I get to work and learn from this group all year long.

Our customers are also customers of Colorado Park and Wildlife’s, United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. That is why this organization is always working on partnerships with theses other entities and truly trying to give our customers a great experience while hunting in Colorado.

My Dad ran a dude string and packing business back in the 50’s in Lake City, Colorado. I seen the friends that were made from just one week of good service being provided from a professional. I have been in the woods all of my life either working or hunting. I started my family oriented Outfitting business fifteen years ago on our family’s sheep ranch and still have my first client coming back every year! I have been a member of COA from the start. I have set on the board and will continue to help this organization grow and fight the battles for all Outfitters and other businesses that have a major impact on our economy. We have our work cut out for us in these challenging times.

Congratulations Ray! We are very proud and honored to have you represent COA as our Outfitter of the Year!